Shamanic Retreats in Quito Ecuador with Ayahuasca and San Pedro Cactus

Dr. Valentin holds retreats outside of Ecuador’s capital city Quito, in Otavalo and Tumbaco Ecuador, with the Andean master healing plants, Ayahuasca and San Pedro Cactus (Huachuma). These ceremonies create a shared awakening and living experience of this “Shamanic Ecstasy of Consciousness”, which is indispensable for the shamanic cure.

Through waking up that latent “Doctor Within” in the deepest (archetypal or transpersonal) layers of our subconscious,  a rectifying reprogramming of misdirected  vital impulses and a liberating transformation of blocked vital energy patterns is achieved.

The awakening of our dormant capacities and the reactivation of our innate, sensitive communication with the energies of nature, using the sacred power plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro allows the healing of all disharmonies of health. Many disease patterns can be healed, including mental disorders like depression and even schizophreniaMultiple Sclerosis (MS), degenerative illnesses, and drug or alcohol addiction.

Shamanic Retreats in Quito Ecuador with Sacred Plants

Retreats take place four times per year. See our calendar for more information. Ceremonies are also offered during the rest of the year in Tumbaco at the Hostel Ilalo for small groups up to four participants, or in Otavalo at the Hostel Aya Huma for more than four participants. Contact us using the form below with any questions about our retreats.

San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreats in Quito Ecuador

Shamanic Retreats in Ecuador

Shamanic retreats with Ayahuasca and San Pedro are held four times a year near Otovallo, Ecuador. We have upcoming retreats in September and December of 2018.

San Pedro Cactus Ceremonies and Retreats in Quito Ecuador

How Do Sacred Plants Heal?

The shamanic use of these medicines is due to millennial wisdom and repre- sents the medical and cultural inheritance of all the indigenous people of South America.

shamanic healing retreats in Otavalo and Tumbaco  Ecuador

A Shamanic Cure for Depression

Using the Sacred Power Plants Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Tobacco, and Guayusa, mental disorders, degenerative diseases, and drug addiction can be cured.