Participation and Cost

On principle, any person with a sincere desire for healing or self-realization is welcome, including children, with a written authorization from a parent or guardian. Adults in charge must participate equally in the healing work and are subject to the same conditions. Shamanic medicine facilitates incomparably the healing of most illnesses that are considered incurable by allopathic medicine and by most alternative approaches. Due to the severity and the past duration of chronic illnesses (e.g. en- dogenous depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases), their treatment requires at least three weeks. The complete cure (not just temporary detoxification!) of addictive illnesses requires a special program of four to six weeks.

cost of ayahuasca retreat

Individual cost includes housing and meals. 2960. – US$ for 20 days Your enrolment will be confirmed with the transfer of 20% of the total seminar fee. (590. – US$)
The total cost includes:

  • Lodging in double bed-rooms (extra cost for single room) – 20 nights in a comfortable private house or hostel.
  • Two meals per day as indicated in the schedule: B for brunch, S for supper; F for preparatory fast on ceremony days – days 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18. 
  • Drinking water, tea, juices, and the medicinal program of the ceremonies; medicines and treat- ments are included in the total cost of participation.For your personal offerings at the rituals (flowers, fruits and candles), please do bring along some pocket money.Lodging before or after the program, alcoholic drinks, tips, purchases, personal services or travel insurance.

Upcoming Retreat Dates

18. 09. – 08. 10.

19 16. 12. 2018– 04 .01. 2019

Enrollment Information

Dr. Heinz Valentin Hampejs

Phone:  +593 962 576065

E – Mail:

Dr. Hampejs is an M.D. in general medicine with specialization in neurology and psychiatry. As an officially recognized shaman, he has dedicated himself for the past 25 years to the investigation, the practice and the teach- ing of North and South American shamanism. In 1991, with the publication of his scientific monograph “El Éx- tasis Shamánico de la Conciencia – Principio Medular de la Medicina Shamánica” (The German version “Die Schamanische Bewusstseinsekstase – Kernprinzip der Schamanischen Medizin” will be published soon by Fischer – Kollateralverlag, Germany), he was officially recognized by the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador as an expert on Latin American shamanism. This book presents essential, scientifically irrefutable arguments for the revaluation and recognition of shamanic healing methods that could bring an unexpected – and long needed – enrichment to orthodox modern medicine. The book can be found at I-PROCLAIM:

Bank Details for Your Initial Deposit

Heinz Josef Hampejs TEL: 0043 664 2823397 (Austria) (This number will work only until middle of July 2017).


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